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Jeremy Bradley and Top of The Charts report from the 2011 TV Land Awards in New York City
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The Ties that bind
The cast of Family Ties is still, well, family after all these years
Check out the latest titles from SpeakFree Books, including the bestseller Put Down Your Damn Phone Already
Regis and Joy Philbin stop by to chat
Hotel accommodations for Top of The Charts provided by The Flatotel in midtown Manhattan
TV Legends
On with the show
As the stars flood in, our cameras catch all the action
SpeakFree Books Red Carpet arrivals
On April 17, 2011, the TV Land Awards celebrated The Cosby Show, Welcome Back Kotter, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Regis Philbin, Hall and Oates, and features amazing musical performances
Honeymooners star Joyce Randolph
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